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Hollister of the Centro Oberhausen takes you to Southern California. Whether women's fashion, men's fashion, Children's fashion or lingerie and underwear - the serene lifestyle in conjunction with the holistic image give Hollister an energy that is effortlessly cool. It is the feeling of hanging out with your friends at the beach. Young, energetic and with a sense of humor, Hollister never takes itself too seriously. Hollister UK brings Southern California to the world.


What to expect from Hollister in UK Steglitz


Unlike many other stores Hollister dispensed almost completely on one outdoor advertising in the form of window dressing. Instead, the customers expect in the sometimes sparsely lit room, the more reminiscent of a surf shop as a noble fashion boutique, contemporary music and a hip environment. Visitors to the shop are also addressed because of so-called store-models (mostly in English), the notice by an attractive appearance. These models correspond.


The beauty ideal of Hollister, because customers expect a limited size Hollister UK selection here. So the ladies sizes start at clothing size 32 and end at size 40 For the average German women falling out of the grid, since size 42 and 44 on the best-selling sizes in Germany are. For the men, this is similar, here, for example, end of Jena at a inch size of 36 in the shops of the label men's and women find sports outerwear in the form of T-shirts, polo shirts, shirts and sweatshirts, but also cool jeans, short skirts and comfortable sweatpants and high quality underwear and various accessories. At Hollister Sale, the clientele may in a sense to dress sporty from head to toe.


The colors play an important role, because in the range Hollister Sale there is not only classic colors, but bold colors which can be combined according to your mood. The products are suitable for spring, summer or fall and can be combined with existing playful clothing.


The Hollister Store in UK aimed primarily at a younger clientele. Often referred to as "fashion for the beautiful" did not find customers here all sizes, but always up to date fashion items at affordable prices in an exclusive atmosphere. So if you're in the Shopping Center Boulevard UK you should look at the only recipient of the Hollister Store in UK!


More Details:http://co-hollister-uk.1minutesite.co.uk/hollister.html